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Artists and MakersTitleDateAccession Number
Weizsäcker Weizsäcker Stereo-Foto Viewerca. 19551973.0001.9187
GAF Corporation / View-Master View-Master[Production dates: ca. 1981-1987]2007.0018.0021
Tru-Vue Inc. Tru-View Viewer and Filmca. 19512006.0005.0001
GAF Corporation / View-Master Talking View-Master[Production dates: ca. 1972]2007.0044.0001
Metropolitan Syndicate Press Stereo Viewer[Production dates: ca. 1905]1984.0037.0002
Sawyer's Inc. Sawyer's View Master Stereo Viewer1944-19471998.0000.0014
Carlo Ponti Megalethoscope1980.0033.0002
E. P. Magic Lantern Slide Projector1973.0001.1247
Kirk Plastic Co. Kirk Stereo Viewer[Production dates: ca. 1942]2007.0038.0031
Holsen Binders Holson Lighted Stereo Viewer1983.0038.0002