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Artists and MakersTitleDateAccession Number
Ansel Adams Vineyard and Hills, Draper VineyardOctober, 19661987.0027.4.UCEXT.16.01
Ansel Adams Water and Trees near UC San FranciscoApril, 19661987.0027.6.UCSF.Q.1
Ansel Adams West from Big "C" Late AfternoonApril, 19651987.0027.4.UCB.1.01
Ansel Adams West from Big "C" Late AfternoonApril, 19651987.0027.4.UCB.1A
Ansel Adams West from the big "C" into sun, late afternoonMarch, 19651987.0027.3.UCB.1
Ansel Adams White Mountain Peak19641987.0027.6.UC.5.2
Ansel Adams White Mountain peak from north of BishopJuly 1, 19641987.0027.1.UC.1
Ansel Adams White Mountain Peak from South Distant Rock OutcroppingJune, 19641987.0027.6.UC.2.6.03
Ansel Adams White Mt. Station (shows detail of Laboratory)1960-19701987.0027.M.UC.3
Ansel Adams William J. Pereira. Planner - ArchitectDecember, 19661987.0027.4.UCI.10.01