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Artists and MakersTitleDateAccession Number
Ansel Adams "Tower of Masks" sculpture in Theatre Arts building courtApril, 19661987.0027.4.UCLA.4
Ansel Adams [Ansel Adams] and Path and Electron MicroscopeApril, 19651987.0027.6.UCSF.8.4
Ansel Adams [UC Berkeley]1960-19701987.0027.M.UCB.16.17A
Ansel Adams [UC Berkeley]19641987.0027.M.UCB.16.26
Ansel Adams [UC Berkeley]19641987.0027.M.UCB.16.36
Ansel Adams [UC Davis, 6 strips]February, 19671987.0027.M.UCD.9
Ansel Adams [UC Extension Center]1960-19701987.0027.M.UCEXT.17.19
Ansel Adams [UC Extension Center]1960-19701987.0027.M.UCEXT.18
Ansel Adams [UC Extension Center]1960-19701987.0027.M.UCEXT.18.18A
Ansel Adams [UC Irvine]January 17, 19671987.0027.M.UCI.24.6A