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Creator: A. P. Critchlow & Co.

Publisher: A. P. Critchlow & Co.

Title: Advertisement for A. P. Critchlow & Co. daguerreotype cases, housed in Union Case
Date: ca. 1857
Medium: Union case
Credit Line: University Print Collection
Accession Number: 1991.0033.0053
Description: “A. P. Critchlow & Co., Manufacturers of Daguerreotype Cases, A. P. C. & CO. Are the Original Inventors of the Composition for the UNION CASE, (so called,) including all the various shades of color and fineness of texture peculiar to their manufacture and of the EMBRACING RIVETED HINGES, thus securing them from breaking out as do others that are inserted with or without a metal brace. Hinge Patented Oct. 14, 1856 and April 21, 1857.”