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Media File
Creator: Stephen Agetstein

Title: The Bar: Stephen Agetstein, Photographer
Date: N.D.
Medium: Poster
Credit Line: Gift of Tom Vasey
Accession Number: 1979.0001.0056
Inscriptions:The kid stepped into the bar cause he’d stayed at home too long and he couldn’t get a job cause there was a depression going on. Stepped in with a slap, a halt and a gaze just like he’d seen in the movies, only here there’s no one looking cept a bleary eyed dame seeing John Wayne and a son of Sam looking for a friend. Bartender looked up to make sure it weren’t trouble, figured it weren’t and went back to his bullshit with the dame. Typical scene but the kid don’t know it cause he’s young and sees the fantasies -- the Sam’s gonna tell him of the storms of the midwest and the nites down south and the gold and the dame’s gonna tell him of the brick house and the land and the warm fire and the sweet smell and the bartender’s gonna give him whiskey in a glass which he does, after checking the kid’s I.D...
Description: Eight photographs of people in bars