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Publisher: Underwood & Underwood

Title: (24)-2541-Looking down passage to Khufu’s sepulchre within the Great Pyramid, Egypt
Date: [Date not indicated]
Medium: Stereo card
Credit Line: Gift of Serge Millan in memory of Dr. Joseph A. Baird, Jr.
Accession Number: 1995.0002.0235
Inscriptions:We are in the heart of the Great Pyramid, standing at the upper end of a sloping passage. The chamber where the king’s sarcophagus was deposited is behind us. In order to go out into the open air we should have to descend this passage and ascend another one, traversing a distance of nearly 250 feet, to regain the entrance. / “What a forbidding place! The bats, flitting hither and thither, whisk into our faces draughts of the stifling air, superheated by the suns of five thousand years which have shone upon this pyramid. We are at the top of the grand hall, looking down its slippery slope; without the assistance of the Arabs the ascent is none too easy. One hundred and fifty-seven feet long and twenty-eight feet high is this wonderful hall, but very narrow in proportion. The gradual narrow-ing toward the roof is, of course, for safety, as the roof must support the enormous weight of the masonry above. Some of the blocks in the side walls are not accurately dressed on the exposed surface, but if you examine the joints in the first and second courses above the ramps, you will see that the surfaces in contact are set together so skilfully that the seam can only with difficulty be discovered. / “Up this superb hall the body of the king was borne on the day of burial; those cuttings in the side walls just above the ramps were probably for the reception of timbers intended to facilitate the ascent. The cham-ber behind us, in which the body was to rest, is not less remarkable than the grand hall down which we look now.” / (From “Egypt Through the Stereoscope,” by James H. Breasted, Ph.D., with twenty patent maps and plans. Copyright, by Underwood and Underwood.) / Looking down the main passage to Khufu’s sepulchre within the Great Pyramid, Egypt. / Une de la galerie principale qui mène au sépulchre de Khufu dans la Grande Pyramide, Egypte. / Vista de la galería principal que conduce al sepulcro de Khufu dentro de la Gran Pirámide, Egipto. / Vy af hufvud-passagen ledande till Khufu’s graf hvalf jemte den stora Pyramiden. Egypten.
Copyright:Underwood & Underwood
Description: Two men sitting inside of tunnel
Place Depicted:Africa, Egypt, Desert
Great Pyramid (Egypt)
Tombs & sepulchral monuments