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Publisher: Underwood & Underwood

Title: (21)-2538-Second Pyramid S. W. from summit of Great Pyramid, Egypt
Date: [Date not indicated]
Medium: Stereo card
Credit Line: Gift of Serge Millan in memory of Dr. Joseph A. Baird, Jr.
Accession Number: 1995.0002.0227
Inscriptions:“We stand looking southwestward toward the heart of Africa, with Cairo almost behind us and Memphis on our left. Before us looms the second pyramid; . . . this is probably not the best point of view from which to be impressed with its size, and yet, when you remember that yonder cap of casing masonry which still crowns it extends for 150 feet down its sides, this may serve as a scale by which to measure the rest. Lifted as we are upon the shoulders of the Great Pyramid, we are taking an unfair advantage in thus looking down upon its slightly smaller neighbor. But how splendidly it rises against that background of billowy desert which stretches away southward. . . . / “Farther east (left) you observe three low, sand-covered walls, two extending eastward and one at right angles to these. . . . The farther of the two parallel walls is the upper end of a causeway leading from the plain to the desert plateau, up which the building ma-terial was transported, and by means of which, after the king’s death, access was gained to the temple of the pyramid, where his mortuary ritual was regularly car-ried on by an endowed priesthood. The ruins down at the left below our feet (seen over that standing na-tive’s head) are the remains of the temple of the second pyramid. . . . There, in that desolate, sand-covered ruin, once a splendid sanctuary, and endowed priesthood carried on the ritual and worship of the dead Khafre who lay in the pyramid; and there, from the founda-tions established by the king of the purpose, he daily received offerings of food and drink.” . . . / (From “Egypt Through the Stereoscope,” by James H. Breasted, Ph. D., with twenty patent maps and plans. Copyright, by Underwood and Underwood.) / The Second Pyramid, showing part of the original cover-ing, Egypt. / La Seconde Pyramide, montrant une partie de la couver-ture primitive, Egypte. / La Segunda Pirámide, mostrando parte de la cubierta primitiva, Egipto. / Andra pyramiden med en del af dess ursprungliga h"lje, Egypten.
Copyright:Underwood & Underwood
Description: Two men standing in front of pyramid
Place Depicted:Africa, Egypt, Desert
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