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Creator: W. H. Illingworth

Title: Minnehaha Falls.
Date: [Date not indicated]
Medium: Stereo card
Credit Line: Gift of Mead and Nancy Kibbey
Accession Number: 2000.0020.0007.0064
Inscriptions:Stereograohs of the Black Hills
(800-854, list of stereographs)
Comrising some of the most beautiful Scenery in America. The Hills situated as they are in latitude 40, abound rugged granduer; on the South and East sides the Limestone Walls and Granite Pinnaeels, rising to the enormous height of 9865 feet, and enclosing the Hills in such a manner as to make it almost an impossiblility to penetrate the interior with convoyances, there being but two openings on the East side and three on the South. The NOrth may be considered the easiest route and, when at the highest elevation, you wind your way in almost any direction, through the beautiful fertile valleys and delightful Parks, the latter looking more like being attended and cultured, than a wild and uncivilized region, magnificent trees, rich grass lands, extending for miles. The gold was found on the south and north sides, and in the vicinity of "Harney's Peak" The gold region extends for about fifty miles square, amid scenery enchantingly grand, and for mineral wealth no territory can exceed the HIlls. The Views, in all, number 55. None genuine unless bearing my name on each end of the Stereocard.
W.H. Illingworth
Description: Frozen waterfall and land
Place Depicted:North and Central America, United States, Minnesota
Minnehaha Falls (Minn.)