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Manufacturer: Certex S.A.

Title: Werlisa LED Cameras and Stereokit
Date: ca. 1982
Credit Line: Bingham Collection
Accession Number: 1998.0000.0006
Description: These cameras are not stereoscopic cameras, but two inexpensive 35-mm cameras placed on a special stand, which would be mounted onto a tripod. The stand keeps the cameras’ lenses at the same distance apart and level, mirroring the process of a stereo camera. The cameras are intended to be loaded with slide film. The photographer would depress the shutter on both cameras at relatively the same time, and after exposing the resulting two rolls of film, he or she could place the mounted slide on a simple viewer, like the one seen here, to view the images in stereo.
Cartridge; 35mm
Werlisa Certar F=38; lens separation: 13cm
Place Made:Spain, Barcelona