The Gledhills Collection

“The Gledhills” were Carolyn and W. Edwin Gledhill, a married couple who ran a photography studio in Santa Barbara between 1907, when they were wed, and 1935 when Carolyn died. Carolyn had learned photography from her father, a professional photographer. In the Gledhills’ studio, she operated the camera, retouched negatives and prints, and gave final approval on images. Edwin did the majority of the darkroom printing, and coached their clientele on posing, regularly urging sitters to “smile with the eyes.” With over 150 photographs, autochromes, and negatives in its holdings, the California Museum of Photography owns the largest collection of the Gledhills’ work outside of Santa Barbara museums. The collection spans the breadth of their work, including landscape and architectural imagery as well as their celebrated portraiture, and the duration of their career in photography, from early in their partnership to images made solely by Edwin after Carolyn’s death.
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